Insulation Compound (Radex)
B N Industries provide technical grade Insulation Compound (RADEX) in fine powder state; also known as ladle covering compound. Insulation Compound (RADEX) is spread as coating over the molten metal (about 1 inch to 2 inches thick blanket on the hot molten metal) in the ladle and tundish to prevent heat loss.

Insulation Compound (RADEX) is used in various industrial applications to prevent
heat loss and achieve better insulation of metal, which leads to savings of
energy, and prevent reoxidation of metal.


Insulation Compound (RADEX) finds its application in various industries regularly, which includes Steel, Re-rolling Mills, Sponge Iron, Casting, Glass, Cement, Coke Oven and others.


HDPE Bags of 10Kg & 25kg and as per customer’s requirements.

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